Wing Thing Wingboard

From €1.500,00

Wing Thing Construction: 

  • Deck Pad included
  • Gore air vent
  • Tapered Rails 
  • Double concave
  • EPS / Carbon Fusion
  • Vacuum Bag construction
  • High volume Comfort

Furi Wing Thing is the first of our Wingfoil boards that is now in it's second faze / Version 2. 

Wing Thing not only offers you two footstrap set up options in both the "Y" formation but also in the Surf formation. Perfect if you just want to free ride around or get more aggressive with your riding. 

Its stablilty comes from it's tapered rails which smooth out into a double concave it's gives you quick release from the water in both choppy and smooth conditions. The Tapered rail cuts through the water allowing you to keep your stability in make you session even that more comfortable. 

The kick tail helps with early release from the water so that you can spend more time above it. 


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