Wing Thing V4 Freeride/Allround

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The Furi Wing Thing is handcrafted in Munich, Germany using only the best material sourced locally in and around Europe. 

Introducing the Furi Wing Thing V4, an all-encompassing board series designed to cater to a wide spectrum of riders, from novices taking their first steps into the world of freeride winging, to the seasoned experts looking to soar in some early planing light wind conditions.  

Remodeled around the previous versions of our Wing Thing series, the Wing Thing V4 boasts a plethora of enhancements in both design and construction. It's available in sizes, spanning from 95 liters to 125 liters.We will also soon be launching our plus size series which encompasses the same width and length of the range between 95 Liters in 125 Liters however, the thickness will change in order to give you that extra bit of volume where its needed. 

Thanks to its early plaining rocker line and impeccable balance, the Furi Wing Thing offers a stable and smooth experience, making it an ideal choice for those looking to transition into foiling, even if you're new to the sport and opting for the larger sizes.

The deck's recessed design contributes to improved stability, while the added volume in the nose section offers both beginners the confidence to keep the nose elevated and assists experienced wingers in gracefully recovering from those occasional nose dives during their starts or during choppy conditions. 

For proficient wingers, the Furi Wing Thing comes in smaller sizes, which can be seen in a product range online.


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